Poolsonic – for pools up to 20m in length



The POOLSONIC is a powerful algae killer.
It is capable to keep ponds and swimming pools free of algae.

In course of time it will also remove the biofilm (=a slimy layer on the wall of the pools).
In normal circumstances, the POOLSONIC can treat pools and ponds of up to 20 m in length.
If pollution is extreme, or obstructions (like plants or islands) are present, it may hinder the ultrasound signal and reduce the effective distance.
The device is not harmful for fish and breed.

In swimming pools, the chloor-addition can be reduced with 2/3 .
Optional: embedded transducer for flush mounting in pool wal or polycarbonate floater.

Power consumption: 40 Watt.
Voltage: 230 volt (110/130 volt on request).
The transducer is double shielded from the power net by an isolating transformer.
Length of transducer cable: 10 meter.
CE, UL and CSA conform.
2 year guarantee.
The electro box is made of polycarbonate and UV-resistant for outside use.
The transducer is molded in stainless steel and water resistant (IP68).


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