WELLAN Synergy Inc. (USA)

How Wellan® Rings Work:

Beyond Theory – Method of Function

WELLAN® RINGS work through bio-signals, which have
been stored in the rings’ interior. These signals penetrate
all pipes and tubes to influence the water which is
passing through. As a result, the vibrations or oscillations
created in the water are changed in such a way that lime,
rust, scale or bio-fouling matter no longer accumulate
within a piped system and are washed out in minute

The basis of this technology is the realization of the latest
knowledge of modern quantum theory.
Frequency patterns from the ultra-fine range (quantum vibrations-
phonons) are modulated onto WELLAN® RINGS by means of a laser
WELLAN® RINGS consist of high-quality information storage
materials (base material crystals) which are capable of storing such
vibrations for indefinite periods of time and releasing them again.
These vibrations penetrate any kind of material and they are absorbed
by the water as interference or resonance vibrations (hydrogen
bridges or water molecules).

Within fractions of a second, this information passes through the pipe into
the water and is effective even with high flow rates.
WELLAN® RINGS can be deployed for water of any quality. No chemical substances, magnetic fields
or electromagnetic radiations are released into the environment.

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