Catalytic Cube – home mini


Ready to use single catalyst module for use in pressureless household reservoirs and containers like :

-reservoir for coffee and espressomachines

-water cookers

-drinking water dispensers


-washing machines

This product contains a catalyst strip made of ‘NOA’-alloy, contained into a foodgrade enclosure.

Without using chemicals like biocides, this catalyst changes the water structure in a way that it increases its solubility.

The effect is that salt like deposits (like limestone) remain in suspension and do not stain against the pipe-or reservoir walls. Meaning less internal contamination and cleaning efforts.

A side effect is that the water wil mix with detergents in a more homogenous way, whereby the consumption is reduces.

Ps. by reducing staining (=biofilm formation) in water systems, microbiology has less chance of sticking and growing inside the installations. This technology is also used for professional legionella prevention.




Ready-to-use active catalyst for domestic applications. Unit consists of biocompatible plastic frame with integrated high-power solid-state catalytic foils – NOA’s (Nanostructured Oxygen Alloys).


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