CATALYTIC technology – some studies and references.

MOL®LIK-intro (Ned)

World Sustainability Awards 2021 Winners Supplement

Fouling PreventionMOL®LIK, sept2020 (Eng)

Cooling water treatment BAYER-Bitterfeld Germany (Eng)

Cooling systems water treatment (Eng)

Dr. Jürgen Koppe – Die Legionella und ihre Freunde die Corona Viren (German-jun2020)

Case Studies : MerWaterDaysOSTWALD Aug2020 (German)

Air humidification and virsusses, May2020 (German)

Wasser in Russland :  Different projects in Russia (German)

Membrane Systems and waterstructures, Oct2019 (Eng)

Some MOL-References, May2019 (Eng)

Cooling systems, VGB Würzburg, Sept2019 (German)

Operating and Maintenance Manual MOLLIK Vessel 2016 (Eng)

Operating and Maintenance Manual MOLLIK Catalyst Module 2016 (Eng)


Science Forum : Deutsch Wassertechnologien in Russland (German)

Berke-MOLLIK presentation (Eng)

Legionella Prevention, 2013 (German)