(photo) Catalysts for water treatment

MOL®LIK – a technical proven catalytic water treatment technology – is a biocide-free technology that reduces the risk of fouling, scaling and corrosion on downstream surfaces, even at long distances.
With this technology, there  are entire cooling systems of power plants operated completely free of any biocide –  with less than 2 kg of the special catalyst.

After showing reliable results on areas with quite stable water quality, like tap, cooling and process water treatment, catalytic water treatment was tested in challenging areas of industrial wastewater within the INSPIRE WATER project.

Within this project, the scope was to investigate the potential for improving membrane performance with catalytic water treatment in the field of effluent water reuse.

Working principle:
The core element of the MOL®LIK-technology is a proprietary ultra- thin metal catalyst foil, made of nickel, chromium and iron.
These catalysts are speeding up solubility by faster supply of molecular water.

H2O(molecular water) is required for preparing the hydration shells. The faster these shells are prepared, the better flux on filter
units and the better the solubility of substances. As a side effect the risk of deposits formation is greatly minimized.


(source: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal)

Occasional interaction of low-energy visible light can additionally facilitate this process. The usage of this special catalyst technology results in a more efficient membranes process with optimized usage of chemicals.

Catalytic water treatment from MOL has been proven to be highly reliable, efficient & cost effective for power plants, refineries, RO, domestic and many other applications.

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