Detector for ultrasound signals


Mobile detector to measure the specific signals generated by our ultrasound devices for water treatment and biofilm prevention.

Works independently with included battery. Battery life is >5yr with normal use.


With this detector you can easily verify if your device is working and measure up to where the signal is efficiently propagated into the water.
Works for:
– Aquanet & Poolsonic
– All Aquasonic devices (professional use)
– Biosonic (professional use)

Just point the detector towards the transducer or submerge into the treated water and push the button.
A flickering LED on the handset indicates good reception of the correct ultrasound signal.

With telescopic holder
Completely watertight, IP68
Direction sensitive, point towards the direction of the ultrasound source
Works with a standard 9V battery (included)
When not in use, battery is disconnected against battery draining (lifetime battery with normal use >5yrs)



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